Live monitoring is not displaying any data

Sometimes no matter how long you wait, your live monitor will keep displaying the message "Waiting for data". If you are certain that traffic is flowing through but it's not showing on the page, this troubleshooting guide will contain a few common tips to resolve this problem.



Check your system time settings

The live monitoring dashboard uses your system time to simulate the traffic data based on received log files. If you are experiencing strange flashes of traffic, or if there is a substantial delay in traffic appearing then chances are that your system time is incorrectly configured.

To fix this, go to your computer's time settings and update your computer time to the correct time zone and time settings and try again.

Turn off any VPN or proxy

Running behind a proxy or VPN such as TunnelBear will sometimes result in the service blocking internet packets between our server and your web browser. To make sure that the live monitoring dashboard is working correctly, please turn those off.

Check your WebSocket settings

Data might also not appear if your browser simply does not support or allow WebSocket connections. These should be supported if you are using Internet Explorer 10+, Chrome 16+, Firefox 11+ or any other modern browser such as Opera or Safari.

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