The CDN URLs are returning redirects back to my domain

Sometimes we see the CDN URLs return a 301 redirect back to your own website. Usually, when this happens, it's caused by a misconfiguration of your origin server and the origin URL of your pull zone. If the origin URL sends back a redirect, our servers will simply forward that to the user.

Below are two most common causes for this:

Origin URL is redirecting from non-www to www

Sometimes your website will force either a www or non-www version of the domain name. When setting up the Origin URL, make sure that the domain matches the primary domain you are using for your website to avoid redirects.


Origin URL is set to HTTP:// but your server is forcing SSL connections

As a good security standard, most servers should be configured to return a redirect from HTTP to HTTPS version of your website before serving any content. If this is the case with your website or server as well, you will need to make sure that the Origin URL of your Pull Zone is correctly configured with either HTTP or HTTPS as well to make sure we are able to access the content correctly.

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