How to speed up your Backblaze B2 file delivery with BunnyCDN

BunnyCDN provides a fast and easy way to speed up your Backblaze B2 bucket, as well as save thousands of dollars on bandwidth costs. This guide will show you how to setup BunnyCDN in 3 easy steps. If you don't already have a Backblaze B2 account, create one for free here.

1. Create a B2 Bucket and upload some files

If you already have a B2 Bucket created and have some data inside it, you can skip this step. If not, log in to Backblaze and click on "Create a Bucket" and follow the instructions. Make sure you set your Bucket to be public, so that BunnyCDN can retrieve content from it.

If you need more detailed instructions on how to setup your Backblaze B2 bucket, they have some instructions here.

2. Find your bucket public URL

Once you've uploaded some files to B2, we now need to find the URL for those files so that we can create our Pull Zone. To do this, click on one of the files you have uploaded (in the web file manager), and you will see a screen like this:


You're interested in the URL that I have underlined, the "Friendly URL". In my case, this is:

In order to setup your Pull Zone, you need the URL for our bucket. You can find this out by removing the file name from the end of the URL, to give us something that looks like this:

This is what you will use to to set up your Pull Zone.

3. Configure your BunnyCDN Pull Zone

Now that you have worked out your base URL, you can use this to configure your Pull Zone. Log into and navigate to the "Add Pull Zone" page. First, select a name for your Pull Zone (bear in mind, this will also become your BunnyCDN hostname for your zone) and paste the URL we worked out in step 2 into the Origin URL field like I have below:

Finally, select the pricing tiers and click on the Add Pull Zone button which will add a new Pull Zone configured with your Backblaze B2 bucket.

For more detailed instructions, you can have a look at our article on creating your first pull zone

4. You're finished

Congratulations, you've now sped up your Backblaze B2 file delivery with BunnyCDN. You can test this by going to a URL that is being delivered over the CDN. Visit your new Pull Zone and append the name of one of the files you have uploaded to B2 on the end. For example:

If everything was correctly set up, you should now see your uploaded file accelerated by BunnyCDN. In your application, you can now simply replace your existing URLs with the new CDN URL and enjoy much faster speeds and lower traffic costs.


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