How to enable Content Offloading in the WordPress plugin

This documentation provides a step-by-step guide on enabling CDN acceleration for the Bunny WP-Plugin, utilizing Bunny Offloader for content transfer from your WordPress platform to Bunny Storage. This process allows multi-region replication, unlimited scalability, enhanced performance, and up to 5 times faster content delivery compared to legacy solutions.

IMPORTANT: When updating your DNS records, it's essential to transfer all existing DNS records, not just those related to your website. Neglecting to migrate  records can result in parts of your domain, such as email, going offline. 


What You'll Need

Before you dive in, make sure you have the following prerequisites in place:

Adding DNS Zone and Creating a Record

  1. Log in to and click  Delivery -> DNS -> Add DNS Zone. 

  1. Provide your domain name and click Add DNS zone.

  1. Follow the instructions and click Okay, I’m done.

     4. Click Add Record.

      5. Fill in required details and click Add Record.

     6. Follow the prompts to add your DNS records.


Enabling CDN Proxy in 

  1. Click the button next to each DNS record in the "CDN proxy" column. 

  1. Login to your WordPress Admin panel and go to Bunny WP-plugin  -> Offloader.
  2. Enable CDN acceleration following the prompts. An orange pop-up message will appear confirming the correct settings in Click Enable CDN acceleration button.

WARNING: This will disconnect your current CDN Pullzone from the WordPress installation! A new empty pullzone will be created, please make sure to copy all the relevant CDN settings (Edge Rules, Network Limits, Cache Configurations, Optimizer Image Classes and Settings, etc) from your previous zone to this new one. After this, you can delete the old pullzone.

  1. Enable Content Offloading and click Save Settings.


How to confirm your setup

To determine whether your website is being delivered through Bunny CDN, inspect the dashboard. Navigate to the DNS section and locate the DNS Record page, where a green CDN Proxy Icon indicates successful CDN integration: 



The presence of specific cdn-* headers in the response to any request made to your website is a clear indicator of CDN usage. Example headers include:

CDN-ProxyVer: 1.04

CDN-RequestPullSuccess: True

CDN-RequestPullCode: 200


Congratulations! You have successfully enabled CDN acceleration for the Bunny WP-Plugin. Now, you can monitor transferred content to Bunny Storage on the Offloader dashboard page.

For additional resources, including detailed guides and troubleshooting assistance on Bunny DNS, check out our DNS documentation section.


Need Help or Encountered Issues?

If you encounter any difficulties or have questions while following this guide, our support team is here to assist you. Please don't hesitate to contact us via support request form for prompt assistance.

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