Uploading your first video through our website

Embarking on your journey to share your videos with the world has never been easier! This guide is designed to help you create a video library, upload your video, and share it with the world. Let's get started.

Creating a video library

To upload a video, we first need to create a video library. To do that, you can go to Delivery -> Stream  and click Create Your first Video Library.

In the window that shows up, the first thing you need to enter is the Name. This can be any name and will not be displayed publicly.

Next, you need to select the Storage Configuration to configure how your video files will be stored. We recommend enabling at least 2 regions to assure data durability in case of a local hardware failure in a single region. To achieve optimal performance, we recommend enabling at least one storage region per continent.

After you entered your configuration, click Add Video Library.

Uploading your video file

After your zone is created, you will be able to upload your video file. To do that, click on the Upload a Video button in the top right of the page.

A new popup will open, allowing you to select or drag the video files which will automatically start the upload.

For the next step, you will need to wait for the video file to finish uploading. Immediately after the upload completes, the video enters a processing queue to prepare different resolutions and generate the thumbnails. The processing time can depend on the length and resolution of the original video.

You're all done! Time to play the video

Once the video finishes processing, you're all good to go. You can click on the video which will open a new popup with the video information. You can now choose to either play the video directly, share it through the Direct Play URL, use the Embed Code to add our built-in player into your website, or even use the raw video files with your own system.

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