Understanding the Bunny Optimizer

What is the Bunny Optimizer?

The Bunny Optimizer is a tool that can be used in conjunction with our CDN offering to automatically minify, compress and ultimately optimize your static files on the fly, in addition to providing a powerful image processing API to resize, manipulate and crop images in real time.

What can you do with the Bunny Optimizer?

Bunny Optimizer will dynamically convert and serve images into WebP format, automatically optimize your images for desktop and mobile devices, automatically minify CSS and JavaScript files and allow on the fly image manipulation such as resizing, cropping and color correction using query parameters.

Why are my images not showing as WebP?

You may have noticed that when you have enabled the Bunny Optimizer, that your image URL's will remain as their original file type, for example .png or .jpg. Our system to make implementation easier as well as for browsers that don't yet support webp will reply with the webp file type without actually changing the URL file type. You can verify this by checking the 'content-type' HTTP header which will sh ow 'image/webp'.



Would the Bunny Optimizer be useful for my website?

In most instances the Bunny Optimizer should show a significant loading speed improvement in websites that have a lot of static image content on it, in some cases our users have seen up to a 5X improvement as a result, especially if their static content is large in size due to the lossless compression WebP offers. Users demand fast websites, the optimizer will help you provide that to them.

  What's included?

The Bunny Optimizer includes unlimited requests, unlimited optimizations as well as unlimited images processed. All features are included for one simple price of $9.50/month, per website. No worrying about potential overages or how many requests that have been processed.



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