Understanding Origin Shield

What is Origin Shield?

Origin Shield is a secondary caching layer sitting between the CDN edge PoPs and the origin. It serves as a single caching point to reduce the amount of traffic hitting the origin in case the same files are requested from around the world.

  Should I enable geo-replication?

Origin Shield should not be configured with a Web Application Firewall (WAF). It will not block or filter requests going to the origin. It is strictly designed to minimize the amount of traffic.

Available Locations

We recommend selecting one closest to your origin to your origin's physical location or the region that has the highest Cache HIT rate.

The following locations are currently available:

  • Chicago
  • Paris

🚧 Latency Considerations

Due to how the Origin Shield works, it presents an additional overhead when fetching files from the origin. Depending on the distance from the selected location, enabling Origin Shield might introduce additional latency.


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