How to fix 301 redirects back to my origin URL

If after integrating with your website, all CDN URLs are returning a 301 redirect, this usually indicates a configuration problem with your Pull Zone origin URL or the server configuration. There are a couple of most common reasons for this you can check:

1. Check your Origin URL

Most often, this problem occurs when your Origin URL is not configured correctly. Make sure to use the exact URL you are using to access your website, such as the www and non-www version of your domain. Also check that you are using the correct protocol (http:// vs https://).

2. Check your origin server redirection rules

Unless using hotlinking protection, BunnyCDN will never return a 301 redirect. Therefore, make sure to check your server configuration for any kind of redirection or rewrite rules set up to redirect your assets.

3. Check your hotlinking protection configuration

Finally, check your hotlinking protection. Make sure all the domains CDN is active on is whitelisted in the settings including the www and non-www version, and make sure that you've not included any HTTP/HTTPs or slashes in the hostnames box.

4. Make sure to purge your full pull zone cache

Since 301 redirects will be cached on our edge servers, after making any of the changes, always make sure to do a full cache purge and wait for the configuration to synchronize.

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