How to speed up Discourse with BunnyCDN

Discourse allows you to easily integrate and speed up with BunnyCDN. This article explains two easy steps to speed up your Discourse forum.

1. Create your Pull Zone

To start, sign in to your BunnyCDN account and open the Add Pull Zone page and select a name for your zone. Next, in the origin URL field, enter the URL where your Discourse forum is currently located, for example, This will tell BunnyCDN where to draw your content from.


Finally, select the pricing tier, click on the Add Pull Zone button and you're all done. While the servers are syncing your new configuration, you can proceed to configure up your Discourse forum to use your newly created zone.

For more detailed instructions, you can have a look at our article on creating your first pull zone

2. Configure Discourse with your Pull Zone

To configure your Discourse forum to use your newly created zone open your app.yml configuration file and find the following lines:

## the origin pull CDN address for this Discourse instance

If you can't find these in your app.yml file, add it below the other DISCOURSE_ variables.

Now replace the DISCOURSE_CDN_URL value with the URL of your newly created BunnyCDN zone. You can find this on the instructions page or in the Pull Zone details page.


3. Rebuild your Discourse container

Finally, activate the new configuration by rebuilding the Discourse container:

./launcher rebuild app

Once the rebuild is finished, your Discourse will be configured and supercharged with BunnyCDN. If you want to make sure that everything is working correctly, you can follow our article for checking if your website is correctly integrated with BunnyCDN.

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