How to speed up your Joomla website with BunnyCDN

This article contains a step by step guide on how to speed up your Joomla website with BunnyCDN. Joomla comes with CDN support via a plugin that can be easily deployed on your Drupal installation.

We will be using the "CDN for Joomla" plugin by Regular Labs, which is available for download here.

Please note: The free version of this plugin will only support HTTP URLs, you need to buy the paid version if you want to use HTTPS URLs.

1. Install the CDN for Joomla plugin

The first thing you will need to do is download the plugin from the Regular Labs site, here.

The first thing you will need to do is download and configure the plugin on your Joomla install. Log in to the admin portal for your installation, and then click on Extensions (1), Manage (2), and then click Install (3). Once you've done this, navigate to the zip you downloaded, and upload it (4). 

2. Configure the plugin to serve files via BunnyCDN

Once we've installed the plugin, we then need to configure it to rewrite Joomla URLs to serve them via BunnyCDN. To do this, go to Extensions (1), Manage (2) and then click on Manage on the second menu (3). Once you've done that, use the Search (4) to find the CDN plugin and then click on it to be taken to its configuration page. 

Once you've been taken to the Plugin page, navigate to the Setup tab. We'll now need to go to BunnyCDN to configure our Pull Zone. Configure a Pull Zone with a name, and set the origin to be your website URL. Set your Performance Tier and Pricing zones, and then press "Add Pull Zone". We've got more instructions on how to configure a Pull Zone here.

All you need to edit on this page, is the "CDN Domain" and this is the hostname that we just set up (1). Once you've done that, press Save.

You've now successfully configured your Joomla site to use BunnyCDN. You will now enjoy a much faster loading site for your users around the world, as well as a bandwidth saving on your origin server. 

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