Are there any limitations on the storage zones?

The storage zones operate on a custom cloud-based storage system. It was designed to offer an almost infinite scalability and has been tested with tens of millions of files per zone. 

We do not impose any hard limits on the number of files stored or the size of a file, however, to achieve optimal performance, we recommend keeping the file count per folder to below 10000, using multiple folders if needed to store all of your files and ensure best performance. If you plan to store and serve larger numbers of small files, we'd suggest using our SSD storage tier for the best performance. 

We also do not have any limits on the number of files you can replicate, but please be aware that replicating a large amount of files can take a time. 

We do not have any limits on the size of the files you can serve, but you may have issues getting larger files to cache as we operate a shared caching environment. 

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