My domain is unavailable on the internet

This article lists common reasons for issues with your domain not being reachable on the internet. An example of this would be the browser returning an ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error.

Your nameservers are not configured correctly at your registrar

One common reason for DNS issues is a misconfiguration of your nameservers at your domain registrar. To activate Bunny DNS, your domain needs to be correctly configured with the nameservers provided in the DNS panel for your domain. Commonly, this would be and If your domain was not configured correctly with these nameservers, resolvers will not be able to route queries to Bunny DNS.

You are missing glue records for custom nameservers

If you have configured custom nameservers for a domain such as in the control panel that is pointing back to your own domain, such as, you will need to configure the correct glue records first. Glue records allow resolvers to find the DNS network responsible to resolve the domain by hinting the IP records with the domain itself.

Additionally, if the hostnames for the custom nameservers must contain the appropriate A records that point to the same IP addresses as the glue records.

If these glue records have not been correctly configured with your domain registrar, resolvers will not be able to find your domain name.

You transferred the domain from another DNS service without disabling DNSSEC

If you recently migrated from a different DNS service that had DNSSEC enabled and did not disable the DNSSEC prior to the migration, this will break the chain of trust and force resolvers to reject queries responded by Bunny DNS. To resolve this, make sure your previous DNS service has DNSSEC disabled.

An exception happened in your DNS script

If you are using the scriptable Bunny DNS records, it's possible that the script is throwing an exception. This would make Bunny DNS unable to return records to the user.

You are missing A, CNAME, or AAAA records

In order for a domain name to be reachable by a web browser or other applications, the appropriate DNS records need to be set up for that domain. If you are trying to reach a domain, you would need to create an A record to point to an IP address such as

You have a typo in your domain name

One reason that a domain might be unreachable would be a type in the created DNS zone or record. When troubleshooting connectivity, please make sure the requested domain matches the requested query exactly.

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