CDN Accelerated DNS Record SSL Issue Troubleshooting

When you enable the CDN acceleration feature on Bunny DNS, will automatically register your domain with Bunny CDN and enable a smart and secure proxy to your origin. This will also automatically configure the SSL certificate for the accelerated hostname.

This guide helps you troubleshoot the scenarios where the CDN Acceleration was enabled on Bunny DNS, but there is an SSL issue when accessing your domain. Two primary causes can cause this.

DNS Configuration Issues

To issue an SSL certificate, uses Let's Encrypt to verify and issue your domain certificates. To do that, Let's Encrypt relies on contacting our system for verification before providing us with an SSL certificate. In a situation where you configure the DNS zone and acceleration before the domain is actually pointing its nameservers to, this can mean that the SSL certificate would not be able to get issued.

In these situations, please ensure that your domain is successfully pointing to, and that the DNS record is correctly configured. Please note domain changes can take up to 24 hours to fully complete, during which time, we suggest keeping the CDN Accelerated records disabled.

If you have already enabled the CDN Acceleration before the domain DNS fully transferred over, you can visit the connected Pull Zone settings, and manually request the SSL certificate.

Configuration Delay

Once the DNS domain is accelerated, immediately configures the HTTP domain and configuration to our global network. We also trigger a process to start issuing the required SSL certificate within a matter of seconds. The process usually takes just a few seconds, but it can happen that a slight delay can occur, which can delay the SSL certificate being issued with a slight delay.

When this happens, it might take a couple of minutes to configure the SSL certificate. During this time, your domain will still be available but unable to respond correctly to HTTPS requests. The certificate should configure eventually after a series of retries, and we suggest waiting a couple of minutes before investigating further.

Contact Our Super Bunnies

If you are still experiencing issues after following our steps above and you are still unable to access your accelerated domain via HTTPS, please reach out to our Super Bunnies. They will be happy to assist you in getting the issue resolved as quickly as possible.

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