Troubleshooting Bunny Stream Video Uploads

This guide helps you troubleshoot issues with uploading videos to Bunny Stream. While we are working hard to make the system as straightforward as possible, this guide helps you resolve issues that might occasionally happen.

Upload Not Finishing

Sometimes, an uploaded video might be stuck during the upload process. This might happen if the system loses the upload progress context. If you are attempting to upload a video that got stuck in the middle of the upload, we recommend renaming the video file, and retrying to upload the same file under the new name.

This should restart the upload from the beginning and allow you to upload the video.

Upload Stuck In "Processing"

Bunny Stream provides a free transcoding service, that is designed to offer very fast transcoding times. However, the transcoding is shared between all users of the platform. We try our best to minimize any potential delays and implement a fair queueing system that is designed to offer a fair priority-based encoding to ensure all libraries start processing videos as soon as possible.

However, occasionally, during large spikes of newly uploaded videos, there might be a slight delay in video processing. If this happens, please wait a couple of minutes, and the processing should start automatically. There is no additional action required on your end, and the videos should start processing automatically.

If your videos remain unprocessed for multiple hours, please consider reaching out to our Super Bunnies, and they will be happy to help debug this further.

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