What do the Cache HIT Rate and Bandwidth Hit Rate statistics mean?

BunnyCDN provides a statistic for Bandwidth Hit Rate and Request Cache Hit Rate which both are very important. This article explains what each of them means. 



Request Cache Hit Rate

The request cache hit rate refers to the percentage of requests that have been served directly from the cache on our edge servers. Requests that do not count as a cache hit were first fetched from your server and then served to your users and then cached on our edge servers for future requests. In effect, the higher the hit percentage, more requests BunnyCDN was able to speed up by serving content directly from our network. 

Bandwidth Hit Rate

Similarly, the bandwidth hit rate tracks the amount of bandwidth that was served directly from our servers as opposed to being fetched from your servers first. A higher bandwidth hit rate means a faster website as well as more savings on your origin server.

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