How to find out which PoP I am being routed to

BunnyCDN returns the server location and ID code with every request that can help you easily determine which PoP and server you are being connected to. This article explains how to get this information in three easy steps.


1. Open your browser debug console

First, open your web browser developer tools by pressing Ctrl + Shift + I on your keyboard and switch to the Network tab in the newly opened window. In our case, we are using Chrome, but the procedure should be almost identical with all popular browsers.

2. Find a request in the network file list

Next, enter the hostname of your pull zone into your browser (such as After the page finishes loading, you will see a list of requests appear in the network list. Now select one of the requests going to BunnyCDN, usually this will be your first one.

3. Find the Server header in the request header details

After selecting the request, a new detail panel will open will the requests returned by the server you are connected to. This is where you will look at the Server header, which will look something like BunnyCDN-{PoP Code}-{Server-ID}.

When debugging routing issues, you can use this to determine which location you are being routed to and if requested, forward this to our support team.

Alternative option: using our Tools Report

In addition to the above, you can use our new diagnostic tools here: which will show you some metrics about your connection:

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