What is the difference between Standard and Volume tier zones?

From a configuration and technical perspective, there is practically no difference between standard and volume zones. Where standard and volume tiers do differ, is the network performance and amount of PoPs used when routing your users.

Standard Tier

Standard tier offers exceptionally low global latency aimed at high-performance solutions where every millisecond matters, such as website acceleration or ad delivery. The standard tier gives you access to the full BunnyCDN network and offers one of the best performing networks around the globe.

Volume Tier

The volume tier uses a smaller number of PoPs that were carefully selected and optimized to offer a good performance at a fraction of the cost. The volume tier is perfect for large file delivery, such as video, software delivery or other downloads.

We are constantly monitoring the network for performance and make adjustments as needed in order to provide the best possible speeds on the volume tier. While the locations can change, however, the map below illustrates the general PoPs that you should expect to be used for the volume zones marked in blue.



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