How does the BunnyCDN credit and billing system work

BunnyCDN operates on a Pay As You Go payment model. This means that you are not forced into any monthly payment. This article explains in more detail how the system works.

Pay As You Go Billing Model

Pay As You Go billing model means that you will never be charged for anything you haven't actually used. Even if you only transfer a single kilobyte per month, this is how much you will be charged.

Traffic Billing

BunnyCDN will charge your account for each outbound byte transferred out of our network. All incoming traffic from your server to our network is free of charge. This means if you have a 1GB video that gets viewed fully 100 times, your account will be charged for 100GB transferred. If the video is only partially downloaded, you will only be charged for the downloaded part.

Storage Billing

Storage billing happens every hour. Your account is charged a fee based on the usage in the past hour. This means any uploaded and deleted data will only be charged for the one hour, not the whole month.

$10 Yearly Minimum Recharge

Though there are no monthly fees, you will be required to recharge your account once per year with a minimum payment of $10. This effectively sets a small minimum cost per year without forcing you into paying a monthly pre-set fee. If you fail to recharge your account 12 months after your previous recharge, your existing balance will expire as well and your account will be suspended.

Minimum Account Balance

In order to keep your service online, you are required to keep a positive account credit balance. If your account balance drops low, our system will automatically send multiple warning emails. If despite that, you still fail to recharge your account, the system will automatically suspend your account and all your pull zones. Any data in your storage zones will also be deleted after a few days without a backup. Therefore, always make sure to keep your account in good standing.



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