This guide explains the Auto-Recharge system, how it works, and how to troubleshoot issues with the automatic payments.

What is Auto-Recharge? operates on a pre-paid Pay As You Go model, where credits need to be applied to the account to keep the account active. As charges from various products are generated, this is automatically deducted from the account balance.

To reduce the number of manual billing actions required, the billing system supports a system of Auto-Recharge. The Auto-Recharge system can be configured to trigger when the account balance reaches a specific amount. Once this happens, a payment is automatically generated, and your saved payment method is charged for the configured amount.

My Auto-Recharge payment didn't trigger

To prevent excessive credit card retries, the Auto-Recharge system will only trigger every couple of hours. This means that your balance might, at times, appear to be below the payment threshold without the Auto-Recharge triggering. We recommend waiting a couple of hours to see if the payment will eventually be executed.

If your account balance continues to drop after 24 hours, and no payment is executed, it's likely that the Auto-Recharge payments are failing. This could be for various reasons, such as credit card authorization failure, insufficient balance, rejected payments, or your credit card expiring. Please note we only retry a card up to 5 times, so if there are consequent failures, you will need to trigger a payment manually.

In this case, we recommend removing and re-adding your current saved payment method. This will re-authorize the card to be automatically charged again in the future.

If you are still unable to make a payment after that, please reach out to our Super Bunnies. They will be happy to assist!

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