Understanding Bunny DNS Record Sets

What are record sets?

When multiple records of the same type are created with the same name, they are considered a record set. Record sets are displayed as a group of records under the main record in the Bunny DNS control panel and provide special handling for the query responses based on the type of the group.

When a record set is created, the DNS record table is updated with additional options to make it easier to control the records.


A and AAAA record sets

Record sets with A and AAAA records introduce a set of special handling principles for the records within the set such as weights, smart routing, and health monitoring.

A and AAAA record sets allow you to use Bunny DNS as a global CDN or DNS-based load balancer. To understand more about how record sets work with different systems, we recommend checking the Understanding Bunny DNS Load Balancer and Understanding Bunny DNS Smart Records articles.

When CDN Proxy is activated on a record set, Bunny CDN will use the full range of values configured in the set.

Other record sets

For record sets other than A and AAAA, Bunny DNS will use a more simple way of handling the response. When other record sets are added, Bunny DNS will respond to a DNS query with all the records and their values.


For example, if we have two TXT records as illustrated in the image above, a query to hello.bunny.dev will return both the "hello" and "world" TXT record.


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