How to set up a custom CDN hostname

Setting up a custom hostname with

To achieve the best professional look for your website, you will want to use your own branded domain to serve your static content from a CDN. This usually looks something like provides an easy way to set this up in 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Register the hostname on

First, open your Pull Zone details page and locate the Hostnames panel in the General section. Then enter the domain that you would like to use and click on the Add hostname button. The hostname will then appear in the Linked Hostnames list.


Step 2: Locate and copy the CNAME record

Next, locate and select the CNAME record and copy it to your clipboard to use in step 3. It can be found right under the add hostname field.


Step 3: Create a DNS CNAME record

Lastly, visit your DNS provider (we are using Amazons Route 53 in this example) and create a new DNS record type CNAME for the given hostname that you have selected in step 1. To point the domain to the hostname, enter your from step 2 into the record value field. What's left now is to select the record TTL. We recommend setting it to 3600 seconds or lower in order to prevent any incorrect DNS caching.


Step 4: You're done

Just save the DNS record and that's it, you're done. Your domain will be linked to as soon as your DNS provider updates the DNS record.

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