How to set up hotlinking protection

Setting up hotlinking protection with allows you to set up hotlinking protection and stop other websites from both stealing your content and increasing your bandwidth bills. You can set this up in 3 easy steps by creating a list of allowed referrers.


1. Open your pull zone security settings

First, log into your dashboard, open your pull zone management page and click on the Security panel.

2. Add Allowed Referrers

Enter your website domain name without any protocol or paths (For example and click the add allowed referrer button.

3. Repeat for every domain and subdomain

Finally, repeat this for each of the domains you want the data to be accessible on. You can also use a simple wildcard to include all the subdomains (* However, do keep in mind that this does not include the root domain. You will have to include it separately. Any website not on the list will receive a 403 Forbidden response instead of your content.

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