Understanding Bunny Stream Storage

How does Bunny Stream Store data?

Bunny Stream integrates directly into the Edge Storage. Your files are automatically stored and replicated to the selected regions.

  Data Durability

To ensure your data is protected from hardware failure, we strongly suggest enabling at least one additional replication region.


Video file URL structure:

The processed video files are stored and delivered from a standardized location.

  • Direct Play URL: https://video.bunnycdn.com/play/{video_library_id}/{video_id}

  • Original File (if enabled): https://{pull_zone_url}.b-cdn.net/{video_id}/original

  • HLS Playlist URL: https://{pull_zone_url}.b-cdn.net/{video_id}/playlist.m3u8

  • Thumbnail URL: https://{pull_zone_url}.b-cdn.net/{video_id}/{thumbnail_file_name}

  • Preview Animation URL (WebP): https://{pull_zone_url}.b-cdn.net/{video_id}/preview.webp

  • MP4 Video URL: https://{pull_zone_url}.b-cdn.net/{video_id}/play_{resolution_height}p.mp4


How is the video storage size calculated?

The video storage size is calculated based on your configuration and encoding settings. Each resolution will generate an additional set of video files. MP4 Fallback and original file storage will additionally increase the storage amount used.

It is common to see the video file size increase multiple times as a result.

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