Understanding Bunny Stream Security options

Bunny Stream Security

The Bunny Stream platform offers a multitude of different security options, that will allow you to configure your library in different ways. For example, you can use our MediaCage DRM to prevent unwanted downloads of content, or you can use our Allowed Domains configuration to only allow certain domains to play your video content. Below you will find a detailed description of each feature and what they respectively do.

Where can I find these settings?

The Bunny Stream library security settings can be found within the Bunny Dashboard. It is under Stream > Your Library > Security.

MediaCage DRM

MediaCage is a basic free DRM system designed to prevent attempts at downloading your video content when enabled. MediaCage is tightly integrated into Bunny.net to dynamically encrypt the video content. It was designed to operate as a device-agnostic system and does not require any special hardware or software support on the client. With the encryption, this then prevents downloads by third party software as MediaCage only allows content to be loaded through the embed player itself.

Token Authentication

There are two different types of Token Authentication offered for Stream, we can protect the embed view as well as the actual video files itself. This all depends on how you intend to actually show the video. We've got documentation this here: https://docs.bunny.net/docs/stream-security but you'll need to use the path style tokens when protecting a HLS stream to ensure we protect the TS files too. 



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